L’il Stompers Season 1 Episode 6 L’il Messy Pirates and Other Stories Airs June 1 2024 on UKIDS

In the upcoming episode of “L’il Stompers,” titled “L’il Messy Pirates and Other Stories,” young viewers are in for a thrilling adventure with their favorite dino friends. This episode promises a mix of fun and excitement as the dinos embark on various escapades. From playing Pirates to creating surprises for their pals, the dinos are set to keep the audience entertained.

One highlight of the episode is when the dinos lose a special leaf dragon. This mishap leads to a series of events where they must work together to solve the problem. Teamwork and problem-solving skills are put to the test as the dinos navigate through challenges to find their lost friend.

Moreover, viewers can look forward to the dinos’ quest to get snacks and their daring game of Ginormous Ball of Doom. These activities are sure to keep young audiences engaged and eager to see how the dinos overcome obstacles and have a blast together. Don’t miss the airing of this exciting episode on UKIDS at 8:30 AM on Saturday, 1 June 2024, for a dose of fun and adventure with the lovable “L’il Stompers” gang.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 AM Saturday 1 June 2024 on UKIDS

L’il Stompers L’il Messy Pirates and Other Stories Cast – Season 1 Episode 6

Main Cast

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