Love After Lockup Where Are They Now? Andrea & Mark Airs November 9 2023 on WE tv

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 9:30 PM, WE tv will air the Season 5 episode titled “Where Are They Now? Andrea & Mark” of the reality TV series “Love After Lockup.” In this episode, viewers will catch up with two of the show’s former cast members, Andrea and Mark, to see where life has taken them since their time on the show.

Andrea will have a chance to find closure with Lamondre, who supported her with a substantial amount of money while he was incarcerated. Meanwhile, Mark will reveal details about his new romantic partner and discuss his unconventional plan to help Sincer-A become pregnant.

“Love After Lockup” has been known for its unique and often complex relationships, as it follows couples who met while one partner was in prison. This “Where Are They Now?” episode provides a glimpse into the lives of Andrea and Mark after their appearances on the show, offering viewers a chance to see how their stories have evolved. Don’t miss this intriguing update on WE tv.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 PM Thursday 9 November 2023 on WE tv

Love After Lockup Where Are They Now? Andrea & Mark Cast – Season 5

Main Cast
Garrett Tanner

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