Lucky Dog Season 10 Episode 25: Dog Meet Dog Airs September 23 2023 on CBS

In this upcoming episode of “Lucky Dog” titled “Dog Meet Dog,” three rescued shelter dogs will meet their future furry family members before finding their new forever homes. The episode is set to air on CBS at 7:00 AM on Saturday, September 23, 2023. This unique episode will focus on the important moment when these shelter dogs come face-to-face with the animals they’ll be sharing their lives with. It’s a crucial step in ensuring that these dogs will be happy and comfortable in their new homes.

Viewers can expect to witness the interactions between the dogs as they get to know each other. This process helps determine if they’ll be a good match for each other and if they can live harmoniously together. Watching how these dogs react to one another can be both heartwarming and insightful, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of dog adoption.

Don’t miss this special episode of “Lucky Dog” as it highlights the heartwarming journey of these shelter dogs as they take their first steps into their new lives.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 AM Saturday 23 September 2023 on CBS

Lucky Dog Dog Meet Dog Cast – Season 10 Episode 25

Main Cast
Brandon McMillan
Rashi Khanna Wiese
Eric Wiese

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