Made in Chelsea Season 26 Episode 8 Airs November 27 2023 on E4

Get ready for a wave of apologies and potential reconciliation as “Made in Chelsea” presents Season 26 Episode 8, airing at 4:30 AM on Monday, November 27, 2023, on E4. In this episode, Sam takes center stage as he hosts a ‘forgiveness dinner,’ aiming to make amends for recent grievances and mend fences with those he’s hurt. However, the evening might take an unexpected turn, leading to the possibility of a ‘sorry for the forgiveness dinner’ dinner.

Meanwhile, Tristan finds himself on a challenging mission to win back Lauren’s trust. The road to redemption proves to be a steep climb as Lauren presents him with obstacles that might test the limits of his efforts.

Don’t miss the drama, the apologies, and the intricate dynamics of relationships as “Made in Chelsea” continues to unfold its captivating narrative at 4:30 AM on E4. Tune in for a dose of reality TV that explores the complexities of forgiveness and redemption in the glamorous world of Chelsea.

Release Date & Time: 4:30 AM Monday 27 November 2023 on E4

Made in Chelsea Cast – Season 26 Episode 8

Main Cast
Maeva D'Ascanio
Jamie Laing
Ollie Locke
Spencer Matthews
Alexandra Felstead
Louise Thompson

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