Mathis Court With Judge Mathis Season 1 Episode 102 First of the Month Airs May 2 2024 on PIX

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of “Mathis Court With Judge Mathis” airing this Thursday, May 2nd, at 11:00 AM on PIX! In Season 1, Episode 102 titled “First of the Month,” viewers are in for a compelling legal showdown.

The episode centers around a woman who blames her child’s father for her lease not being renewed. With emotions running high and tensions escalating, Judge Mathis steps in to carefully examine the evidence and hear both sides of the story.

As the case unfolds, viewers can expect dramatic revelations and unexpected twists as Judge Mathis navigates through the complexities of family dynamics and legal disputes.

With his trademark blend of wisdom and compassion, Judge Mathis ensures that justice is served and fair resolutions are reached for all parties involved.

Tune in to “Mathis Court With Judge Mathis” at 11:00 AM this Thursday on PIX for an episode filled with legal drama, heartfelt moments, and insightful judgments.

Release Date & Time: 11:00 AM Thursday 2 May 2024 on PIX

Mathis Court With Judge Mathis First of the Month Cast – Season 1 Episode 102

Main Cast
Greg Mathis

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