Military Makeover Meeting the Colon-Ruiz Family of Arlington, Texas Airs November 10 2023 on Lifetime

There’s a heartwarming episode of “Military Makeover” coming your way on Friday, November 10, 2023, at 8:30 AM on Lifetime. In this episode, the show introduces the Colon-Ruiz family from Arlington, Texas.

The “Military Makeover” team has arrived in Arlington, Texas, and they’re all set to embark on a home transformation journey for Purple Heart Army veteran Carlos Colon-Ruiz. This means that they are going to make his home even better!

This show is all about giving back to our military heroes and their families by renovating their homes and creating a better living space for them. It’s an opportunity to witness the generosity of the community and the dedication of the “Military Makeover” team.

Join in to see the incredible changes and improvements that will be made to the Colon-Ruiz family’s home. It’s a chance to celebrate the service of veterans and the support they receive from their communities. It’s sure to be an inspiring episode for all ages, so make sure to tune in and be part of this wonderful journey!

Release Date & Time: 8:30 AM Friday 10 November 2023 on Lifetime

Military Makeover Meeting the Colon-Ruiz Family of Arlington, Texas Cast – Season 1

Main Cast
R. Lee Ermey

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