Military Makeover Season 1 Paving the Path to Success for Veterans Airs January 26 2024 on Lifetime

This Friday at 7:30 AM on Lifetime, viewers are invited to witness inspiring stories of resilience and transformation in Season 1 of “Military Makeover” titled “Paving the Path to Success for Veterans.” The episode shines a spotlight on the incredible journeys of veterans as they embark on second career opportunities across various sectors, showcasing their pursuit of higher education and meaningful work.

From the halls of Springfield College to the dynamic fields of energy, delivery, and cybersecurity with Lansing Board of Water & Light, Green Bay Packaging, and Fortinet, the episode captures the diverse paths veterans are carving for themselves post-service. “Military Makeover” illuminates the dedication and determination of these individuals as they transition to new roles, contributing their skills to different industries.

Tune in for a heartwarming morning of stories that exemplify the resilience and strength of veterans, highlighting their pursuit of success in diverse career paths. “Paving the Path to Success for Veterans” promises an uplifting and empowering viewing experience on Lifetime.

Release Date & Time: 7:30 AM Friday 26 January 2024 on Lifetime

Military Makeover Paving the Path to Success for Veterans Cast – Season 1

Main Cast
R. Lee Ermey

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