Milkshake! Monkey Rhymes Season 1 Episode 10: Five Little Monkeys Airs November 3 2023 on Channel 5

On Friday, November 3, 2023, at 10:00 AM, Channel 5 will air Season 1, Episode 10 of “Milkshake! Monkey Rhymes” titled “Five Little Monkeys.” In this episode, the show invites kids to join in the fun of singing a nursery rhyme called “Five Little Monkeys.”

The nursery rhyme is about five little monkeys jumping on a bed. It’s a simple and catchy tune that kids enjoy singing along with. The show features Milkshake! Monkey, who gets to jump on the bed with the little monkeys.

“Milkshake! Monkey Rhymes” is a musical and rhyming adventure for kids. It’s a chance for them to sing and dance along with familiar and fun songs.

Make sure to tune in on November 3 to enjoy the “Five Little Monkeys” rhyme with Milkshake! Monkey on Channel 5 at 10:00 AM. It’s a great way to start the day with some lively and educational entertainment.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 AM Friday 3 November 2023 on Channel 5

Milkshake! Monkey Rhymes Five Little Monkeys Cast – Season 1 Episode 10

Main Cast

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