Milkshake! Story Den Season 2 Episode 29 Wally the World’s Greatest Piano Playing Wombat Airs November 30 2023 on Channel 5

This Thursday at 10:10 AM on Channel 5, “Milkshake! Story Den” unfolds the enchanting tale of “Wally the World’s Greatest Piano Playing Wombat” in Season 2 Episode 29. The delightful story centers around Wally, a charming wombat, who finds himself grappling with jealousy when he hears about another wombat named Wylie showcasing piano prowess.

In this heartwarming episode, Wally attempts to upstage Wylie by incorporating a multitude of tricks into his piano playing. However, the story takes a whimsical turn as Wally discovers that Wylie is equally adept at executing the same tricks. The narrative beautifully unfolds the lesson of embracing one’s unique talents and appreciating the skills of others without succumbing to envy.

Tune in to Channel 5 for a morning of warmth and valuable lessons as “Milkshake! Story Den” presents the endearing journey of Wally, the piano-playing wombat, in a tale that celebrates individuality and the joy of discovering shared talents.

Release Date & Time: 10:10 AM Thursday 30 November 2023 on Channel 5

Milkshake! Story Den Wally the World’s Greatest Piano Playing Wombat Cast – Season 2 Episode 29

Main Cast

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