Milkshake! Story Den Season 3 Episode 1 Oscar’s Story Airs March 7 2024 on Channel 5

This Thursday at 9:05 AM on Channel 5, young viewers are in for a delightful treat with the Season 3 premiere of “Milkshake! Story Den.” Join the enchanting Jen in the Story Den as she unravels the magic of “Oscar’s Story” in the first episode of the new season. This heartwarming tale revolves around Oscar, who, along with his big sister, embarks on the joyous journey of reading picture books.

The twist comes when his sister introduces a book that challenges their usual reading routine – a book filled only with words and no pictures! The episode promises not only an engaging storyline but also emphasizes the joy and surprises that can be found in the world of literature.

As the little ones settle in for a morning of storytelling, “Milkshake! Story Den” serves as a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Don’t miss the Season 3 premiere at 9:05 AM for a whimsical adventure into the world of Oscar and his exploration of the written word on Channel 5.

Release Date & Time: 9:05 AM Thursday 7 March 2024 on Channel 5

Milkshake! Story Den Oscar’s Story Cast – Season 3 Episode 1

Main Cast

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