Moonshiners Season 13 Episode 15 Tickle’s Billion-Buck Booze Airs April 23 2024 on Discovery

Prepare for a moonshine showdown of epic proportions in the upcoming episode of “Moonshiners”! This Tuesday, April 23, at 10:00 PM on Discovery, Season 13 Episode 15 titled “Tickle’s Billion-Buck Booze” hits the airwaves with a bang.

In this riveting installment, viewers are treated to a glimpse into the lucrative world of flavored whiskey. With the legal market raking in billions, Tickle throws caution to the wind and crashes the party as an outlaw contender. Determined to make his mark, he goes head-to-head against two seasoned distillers in a showdown unlike any other.

The challenge? Each moonshiner must concoct a unique recipe from scratch, showcasing their skills, creativity, and determination to come out on top. As tensions rise and the pressure mounts, viewers can expect suspense, drama, and plenty of surprises along the way.

Don’t miss out on the excitement as “Moonshiners” presents “Tickle’s Billion-Buck Booze” this Tuesday at 10:00 PM on Discovery. It’s a thrilling ride through the world of illicit distilling that you won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Tuesday 23 April 2024 on Discovery

Moonshiners Tickle’s Billion-Buck Booze Cast – Season 13 Episode 15

Main Cast
Big Chuck

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