Ms. Pat Settles It Season 1 Episode 11 Vacay For Babay? Airs November 22 2023 on BET

This Wednesday at 10:00 PM on BET, catch Season 1 Episode 11 of “Ms. Pat Settles It” titled “Vacay For Babay?” In this episode, Judge Ms. Pat presides over various cases, including disputes between friends turned foes over a glamorous job, cousins in disagreement over a slip and fall incident, and friends contesting vacation payment in an unconventional form—a baby.

The episode promises to deliver entertaining and unconventional resolutions to these conflicts, showcasing Judge Ms. Pat’s unique approach to settling disputes. With a focus on real-life conflicts and their resolution in a courtroom setting, “Ms. Pat Settles It” offers a fresh and comedic take on the legal reality show genre.

Tune in to BET at 10:00 PM this Wednesday for a dose of humor and unconventional justice in “Ms. Pat Settles It: Vacay For Babay?”

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Wednesday 22 November 2023 on BET

Ms. Pat Settles It Vacay For Babay? Cast – Season 1 Episode 11

Main Cast
Ms. Pat

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