MTV Cribs Season 19 Episode 17 Taye Diggs; Martha Hunt; Nikki Garcia Airs November 15 2023 on MTV

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at 9:30 PM, MTV will air the seventeenth episode of “MTV Cribs” Season 19. The show, as always, offers a unique peek into the homes of celebrities. This episode features tours of lavish residences, and viewers can expect to see the homes of three notable figures.

In this installment, the spotlight is on Taye Diggs, Martha Hunt, and Nikki Garcia. “MTV Cribs” allows these celebrities to showcase their luxurious homes, complete with extravagant furnishings, plasma screen TVs, and enormous hot tubs.

As with previous episodes, the format remains consistent, offering an unscripted and intimate look into the personal spaces of the rich and famous. Whether you’re curious about celebrity lifestyles or just enjoy exploring opulent abodes, “MTV Cribs” provides a glimpse into the homes of well-known individuals.

Tune in to MTV to witness the unique and extravagant living spaces of Taye Diggs, Martha Hunt, and Nikki Garcia as they graciously open their doors to viewers. It’s an opportunity to see how the stars live in the comfort of their own homes.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 PM Wednesday 15 November 2023 on MTV

MTV Cribs Taye Diggs; Martha Hunt; Nikki Garcia Cast – Season 19 Episode 17

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