My 600-Lb. Life Season 12 Supersized: Shakyia’s Journey Airs April 11 2024 on TLC

Get ready for an emotional journey with the Season 12 episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” titled “Supersized: Shakyia’s Journey,” airing on TLC at 8:00 PM on Thursday, April 11th, 2024. In this compelling installment, viewers will follow Shakyia’s courageous battle against obesity as she confronts her struggles and seeks help from renowned weight loss surgeon, Dr. Now.

Shakyia’s journey takes a dramatic turn when her older sister steps in to rally her to Houston to meet with Dr. Now. However, tensions rise when Shakyia’s mother decides that caring for her daughter has become too overwhelming, leaving Shakyia to face her challenges alone.

With bonus scenes included, viewers will get an intimate look at Shakyia’s journey, from her struggles with leaving the house to her determination to reclaim her health and regain control of her life. Join TLC as they shine a light on the complexities of obesity and the transformative power of hope and perseverance.

Don’t miss “Supersized: Shakyia’s Journey” on TLC at 8:00 PM on Thursday, April 11th, 2024, for a poignant and inspiring episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Thursday 11 April 2024 on TLC

My 600-Lb. Life Supersized: Shakyia’s Journey Cast – Season 12

Main Cast
Younan Nowzaradan

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