My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Episode 3: My Big Fat Alabama Fama Airs September 19 2023 on TLC

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 9:00 PM, TLC will air Season 11, Episode 3 of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” titled “My Big Fat Alabama Fama.” This episode brings touching and heartwarming moments as Whitney Thore and her family continue their journey.

In “My Big Fat Alabama Fama,” viewers will see Whitney’s determination to uplift her grieving father’s spirits. She takes on the role of a supportive daughter by encouraging him to pursue an item on his geriatric bucket list: milking a cow. This heartfelt gesture showcases the bond between Whitney and her father and their willingness to create special memories together.

Meanwhile, Glenn, Whitney’s father, faces his own emotional journey as he prepares to speak with his long-lost daughter for the very first time. This moment is filled with anticipation and emotions as they connect.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” explores the joys and challenges of Whitney Thore’s life, emphasizing family, love, and personal growth.

Tune in to TLC on September 19th at 9:00 PM to watch “My Big Fat Alabama Fama” and witness the heartwarming moments and connections that unfold within the Thore family.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday 19 September 2023 on TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life My Big Fat Alabama Fama Cast – Season 11 Episode 3

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