My Lottery Dream Home Season 13 Episode 5: Friendly Kenly Airs October 6 2023 on HGTV

On Friday, October 6, 2023, at 9:00 PM, HGTV will air Season 13, Episode 5 of “My Lottery Dream Home” titled “Friendly Kenly.”

In this episode, viewers will follow the journey of a couple facing financial struggles and battling an illness. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they scratch a lottery ticket worth a million dollars, which they see as the answer to their prayers.

David, the host of the show, steps in to assist this fortunate couple in finding their dream home. The couple’s primary goal is to find a perfect place where they can recuperate and rebuild their lives. With their newfound wealth, they are eager to make a fresh start and invest in a home that suits their needs and desires.

“My Lottery Dream Home” continues to showcase heartwarming stories of lottery winners as they navigate the real estate market in search of their dream homes. This episode promises to be both inspiring and uplifting, highlighting the positive impact that winning the lottery can have on people’s lives.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Friday 6 October 2023 on HGTV

My Lottery Dream Home Friendly Kenly Cast – Season 13 Episode 5

Main Cast
David Bromstad

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