Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America Season 2 Episode 9 Banished From Bisbee Airs April 26 2024 on Discovery

Prepare to uncover the secrets of America’s forgotten past on the latest episode of “Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America”! Airing Friday, April 26, at 10:01 PM on Discovery, Season 2 Episode 9, titled “Banished From Bisbee,” delves into the intriguing histories of abandoned sites across the country.

In this episode, viewers will be taken on a journey through the remnants of an Arizona mining town, where a labor strike once led to a shocking mass kidnapping and deportation. As the episode unfolds, the chilling details of this dark chapter in American history will be revealed, shedding light on the struggles of the past.

Additionally, viewers will learn about a unique homesteading community that took root in the Old West, defying the odds to carve out a new way of life in the wilderness. And finally, the episode will explore the captivating story of a leaning Carolina lighthouse that played a significant role in Civil War history.

With its blend of captivating storytelling and breathtaking visuals, “Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America” offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the forgotten corners of the American landscape. Don’t miss out on the adventure! Tune in to Discovery this Friday at 10:01 PM for Season 2 Episode 9 and uncover the mysteries of “Banished From Bisbee.”

Release Date & Time: 10:01 PM Friday 26 April 2024 on Discovery

Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America Banished From Bisbee Cast – Season 2 Episode 9

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