New York Homicide Season 2 Episode 19: The Bronx-Yonkers Strangler Airs October 21 2023 on Oxygen

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, at 9:00 PM on Oxygen, viewers can tune in to “New York Homicide” for an episode titled “The Bronx-Yonkers Strangler.”

This episode delves into a chilling unsolved case involving two young women who were sexually assaulted and strangled, their deaths occurring five years apart. What makes this case even more intriguing is the connection between these two crimes, linked by the presence of the same unknown DNA.

Despite both cases turning cold, the New York Police Department and New York State Police join forces 17 years later to reopen the investigation. Their mission is to finally track down the elusive killer responsible for these heinous acts.

“New York Homicide” provides a real-life look at the dedicated law enforcement professionals who work tirelessly to solve complex cases and bring closure to the families of the victims. This episode promises a gripping narrative, shedding light on the challenges and determination involved in solving long-standing mysteries. Don’t miss this intriguing and emotionally charged episode on Saturday night.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Saturday 21 October 2023 on Oxygen

New York Homicide The Bronx-Yonkers Strangler Cast – Season 2 Episode 19

Main Cast

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