NFL Slimetime Season 3 Episode 19 Week 19 Airs January 10 2024 on Nickelodeon

Football fans, get ready to witness the end zones transform into the ultimate slime zone on “NFL Slimetime.” In the upcoming Season 3 Episode 19, titled “Week 19,” former NFL player and charismatic TV host Nate Burleson takes center stage to present weekly NFL highlights in a way you’ve never experienced before. The excitement unfolds at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, exclusively on Nickelodeon.

“NFL Slimetime” brings a playful and entertaining twist to the traditional football highlights show. Nate Burleson’s infectious energy combined with the unpredictable slime factor creates an immersive experience for viewers of all ages. From jaw-dropping touchdowns to spectacular plays, every moment becomes an opportunity for slimy surprises.

Join the slime-filled celebration as “NFL Slimetime” brings you the best of the NFL in a manner that’s fun, vibrant, and uniquely Nickelodeon. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the thrilling highlights and unexpected slime moments in “Week 19” of “NFL Slimetime.”

Release Date & Time: 7:30 PM Wednesday 10 January 2024 on Nickelodeon

NFL Slimetime Week 19 Cast – Season 3 Episode 19

Main Cast
Nate Burleson
Madison Pettis

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