Night Coppers Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on Channel 4

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Night Coppers Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on Channel 4

Night Coppers Season 2 Episode 4 Airs April 16 2024 on Channel 4

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled night on the streets of Brighton with the latest episode of “Night Coppers,” airing on Channel 4 this Tuesday at 9:00 PM. In Season 2, Episode 4, viewers are in for a wild ride as Brighton’s dedicated police officers tackle more party-time trouble in the seaside city.

Officer Jodie takes center stage as she embarks on a high-speed chase after a driver suspected of using nitrous oxide. With tension mounting and adrenaline pumping, viewers will be on the edge of their seats as Jodie races against the clock to apprehend the reckless driver and keep the streets safe.

Meanwhile, officers Jamie and Ollie respond to reports of a rave next to a funfair, plunging them into the heart of the action as they work to maintain order amidst the chaos of the nighttime revelry. From unruly crowds to unexpected twists and turns, this episode promises non-stop excitement and drama from start to finish.

Don’t miss out on the pulse-pounding action of “Night Coppers” as Season 2, Episode 4 airs this Tuesday at 9:00 PM on Channel 4. Tune in for a thrilling glimpse into the high-octane world of policing on the night shift in Brighton.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday 16 April 2024 on Channel 4

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