Oggy Oggy Season 2: : Meowlloween Airs October 31 2023 on Channel 5

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 7:25 AM, Channel 5 is set to air Season 2 of “Oggy Oggy,” with a special episode titled “Meowlloween.” In this Halloween-themed episode, Oggy Oggy and his friends set out to enjoy the holiday. Dressed in costumes, they visit the neighborhood to collect Halloween treats from their neighbors.

As they embark on their trick-or-treat adventure, they arrive at a mysterious and imposing mansion. To their surprise, the door opens on its own, revealing a rather unusual owner of the manor.

The “Oggy Oggy” Halloween special promises to be a fun and slightly spooky episode for young viewers. It offers a playful and imaginative take on the Halloween tradition, with Oggy Oggy and his friends navigating the unknown in search of Halloween goodies. Kids can look forward to a lighthearted and entertaining Halloween-themed episode.

Release Date & Time: 7:25 AM Tuesday 31 October 2023 on Channel 5

Oggy Oggy Meowlloween Cast – Season 2:

Main Cast

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