On Patrol: Live Season 2 Episode 79 Airs May 31 2024 on REELZ

This Friday at 9:00 PM on REELZ, viewers can join hosts Dan Abrams, retired Tulsa Police Department Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin, and Deputy Sheriff Curtis Wilson for an exhilarating episode of “On Patrol: Live.” In this gripping reality series, law enforcement officers on patrol across the country are followed in real-time, providing an unfiltered look into the challenges they face and the heroic actions they take to keep their communities safe.

As the hosts provide insightful analysis and commentary, viewers will witness firsthand the intense and unpredictable situations encountered by police officers on duty. From high-speed chases to tense standoffs, each episode offers a raw and unscripted glimpse into the realities of law enforcement.

With their wealth of experience and expertise, Abrams, Larkin, and Wilson offer valuable perspectives on the strategies and tactics employed by the officers in the field. Whether it’s navigating dangerous neighborhoods or responding to emergency calls, the officers’ dedication and bravery are on full display as they work tirelessly to uphold the law and protect the public.

Don’t miss the action-packed Season 2 Episode 79 of “On Patrol: Live” airing at 9:00 PM on REELZ, where viewers can gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and challenges faced by law enforcement officers across the nation.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Friday 31 May 2024 on REELZ

On Patrol: Live Cast – Season 2 Episode 79

Main Cast

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