Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Episode 6 To Protect and Serve Airs January 9 2024 on ABC

In the upcoming Season 1 Episode 6 of “Only Murders in the Building,” titled “To Protect and Serve,” scheduled to air on ABC at 10:17 PM on Tuesday, 9 January 2024, viewers are in for a deeper exploration of Mabel’s past as she brings her friends to her childhood home to introduce them to her mother. The episode promises to unravel more about Mabel’s background, adding layers to her character and potentially shedding light on the overarching murder mystery.

Simultaneously, Detective Williams, portrayed by Amy Ryan, finds herself grappling with doubts about the case while preparing for motherhood. The narrative takes an emotional turn as the detective, tasked with solving the murder, confronts her own uncertainties, adding a personal dimension to her involvement in the investigation.

“To Protect and Serve” guarantees an evening of character revelations, emotional depth, and intricate storytelling. Tune in on Tuesday for an episode that not only advances the murder mystery plot but also delves into the personal lives of the characters in “Only Murders in the Building.”

Release Date & Time: 10:17 PM Tuesday 9 January 2024 on ABC

Only Murders in the Building To Protect and Serve Cast – Season 1 Episode 6

Main Cast

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