Outback Opal Hunters Season 10 Episode 5 Light and Shadow Airs December 29 2023 on Discovery

This Friday at 10:08 PM on Discovery, “Outback Opal Hunters” Season 10 Episode 5, titled “Light and Shadow,” plunges viewers into the tumultuous world of opal mining with a gripping narrative. The Misfits face a formidable challenge as a vicious storm threatens to prematurely end their opal-hunting season. The episode unfolds as they grapple with the elements, navigating the treacherous Outback to secure their precious finds.

In a bid to impress Opal Joe, Issy takes a bold step by attempting a new black-lighting technique, adding an element of innovation and risk to their mining endeavors. Meanwhile, the Digi Diggers find themselves in a dire situation when their mine is flooded, compelling them to embark on a quest across the Outback in search of a new claim.

“Light and Shadow” promises an episode filled with high-stakes drama, inventive mining techniques, and the unwavering determination of these opal hunters as they navigate the unpredictable challenges of the Australian Outback in pursuit of their elusive and valuable treasures.

Release Date & Time: 10:08 PM Friday 29 December 2023 on Discovery

Outback Opal Hunters Light and Shadow Cast – Season 10 Episode 5

Main Cast

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