Outback Opal Hunters Season 10 Episode 9 A Barrel Full Of Nuts Airs January 26 2024 on Discovery

In the upcoming episode of “Outback Opal Hunters,” titled “A Barrel Full Of Nuts,” airing at 10:08 PM this Friday on Discovery, viewers are in for a gripping exploration of the challenges faced by the resilient opal miners. The Bushmen, dealing with a crucial setback, find themselves in a precarious situation as their drill rig loses a vital pin. Adding an extra layer of complexity, 74-year-old Les steps up to the challenge, undertaking repairs at a daunting height of four meters.

Meanwhile, the Digi Diggers confront a formidable obstacle when their flooded mine wall collapses, putting their opal mining operation at risk. As these skilled prospectors navigate the harsh and unpredictable conditions of the Australian Outback, audiences can expect a rollercoaster of emotions, from tense repair missions to the relentless pursuit of valuable opals. Tune in for another thrilling episode that captures the essence of the Outback Opal Hunters’ tenacity and determination this Friday at 10:08 PM on Discovery.

Release Date & Time: 10:08 PM Friday 26 January 2024 on Discovery

Outback Opal Hunters A Barrel Full Of Nuts Cast – Season 10 Episode 9

Main Cast

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