Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 6 Episode 17 Stalked by Bigfoot, Living UFO and More Airs December 10 2023 on Travel

Brace yourself for a spine-tingling adventure on “Paranormal Caught on Camera” Season 6 Episode 17, titled “Stalked by Bigfoot, Living UFO and More,” airing on Travel at 9:00 PM, Sunday, December 10, 2023. In this chilling episode, viewers are in for a wild ride with a series of unnerving encounters that defy explanation.

Two men find themselves stalked by an unseen creature in the mysterious woods, heightening the suspense with every step. A UFO takes an unexpected turn, coming to life in a way that challenges the boundaries of the known. The paranormal escapades continue as an ancient entity plays eerie mind games with a young explorer, creating an atmosphere of unease.

To add to the supernatural intrigue, a brave couple decides to share their home with a poltergeist, inviting viewers into the unsettling world of paranormal cohabitation. Don’t miss the chance to witness these inexplicable phenomena unfold on “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” promising a night of otherworldly encounters that will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality on Travel.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 10 December 2023 on Travel

Paranormal Caught on Camera Stalked by Bigfoot, Living UFO and More Cast – Season 6 Episode 17

Main Cast
Brian J. Cano
Mark Moran
Paul Kaup
Susan Slaughter

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