PAW Patrol Season 10 Episode 6 Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals Airs January 9 2024 on Nick Jr

Gear up for another exciting adventure with the beloved pups on “PAW Patrol” this Tuesday at 4:18 PM on Nick Jr. as Season 10 Episode 6, titled “Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals,” unfolds. In this thrilling episode, the Hidden Jungle animals are acting strangely, and Marshall, the firefighting pup, discovers a surprising reason behind their unusual behavior.

As the plot thickens, it’s revealed that a saber-tooth tiger has been stalking the big, big animals, sending a wave of fear through the jungle. But the surprises don’t end there – other ancient creatures, long forgotten, start to awaken, adding a layer of mystery and excitement to the rescue mission.

Young viewers are in for a treat as the PAW Patrol team springs into action to save the big, big animals and navigate the challenges posed by these prehistoric visitors. Join the adventure on Nick Jr. at 4:18 PM this Tuesday for an episode that promises thrills, laughs, and the heartwarming camaraderie of the PAW Patrol crew.

Release Date & Time: 4:18 PM Tuesday 9 January 2024 on Nick Jr

PAW Patrol Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals Cast – Season 10 Episode 6

Main Cast
Owen Mason
Elijha Hammill
Jaxon Mercey
Joey Nijem
Beckett Hipkiss
Kai Harris
Tristan Samuel
Max Calinescu
Justin Paul Kelly
Gage Munroe
Drew Davis
Lukas Engel
Kingsley Marshall
Kallan Holley
Lilly Bartlam
Stuart Ralston
Samuel Faraci
Jackson Reid
Devan Cohen
Keegan Hedley
Lucien Duncan-Reid
Alex Thorne
Carter Thorne
Shayle Simons
Ron Pardo

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