Phoenix Rise 26 September 2023: “Dirty Tricks” (Season 2 Episode 4 BBC Three)

On Tuesday September 26 2023 at 7:30 PM, BBC Three broadcasts the “Dirty Tricks” episode of “Phoenix Rise”.

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Dirty Tricks Season 2 Episode 4 Information

Nathan steals Khaled’s cherished present, turning his birthday into a nightmare.

Airdate: 7:30 PM Tuesday 26 September 2023 on BBC Three

Cast of Phoenix Rise Dirty Tricks

Main Cast
Lauren Corah as Summer
Alex Draper as Billy
Jayden Hanley as Darcy
Krish Bassi as Khaled
Tara Webb as Rani
Imogen Baker as Leila
Tyler Fayose as Jamie Stewart
Jack Connor as Sam
Emmanuella Martins as Bee
Paul Nicholls as Carl
Yasmin Steadman as Becky Phillips

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