Playboy: The Centrefolds Airs January 8 2024 on Channel 5

In the compelling documentary “Playboy: The Centrefolds,” airing on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM on Monday, 8 January 2024, viewers are invited to delve into the untold story of Hugh Hefner’s life and legacy. The program explores how Hefner’s initial vision for Playboy and the iconic Playboy Mansion evolved over the years, ultimately spiraling into a narrative of excesses that transformed the legendary figure into a controversial and, for some, sinister character.

Through firsthand accounts from former playmates and employees who witnessed the highs and lows of Hefner’s empire, the documentary provides a nuanced perspective on the man behind the Playboy brand. Viewers can anticipate a candid exploration of the complexities surrounding Hefner’s personal and professional life, shedding light on the impact his choices had on those within his inner circle and the broader cultural landscape.

“Playboy: The Centrefolds” promises an evening of insight and reflection, allowing audiences to reassess the legacy of Hugh Hefner and his iconic creation in the context of changing societal norms and the #MeToo era. Tune in on Monday night for a thought-provoking examination of a cultural icon and the shadows that surrounded his later years.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Monday 8 January 2024 on Channel 5

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