Pupstruction Season 1 Episode 18 The Sunniest Snow Day; When Pups Fly Airs December 8 2023 on Disney

This Friday at 8:00 AM on Disney, “Pupstruction” brings another delightful episode, featuring Season 1 Episode 18 titled “The Sunniest Snow Day; When Pups Fly.” Viewers are in for a treat as Phinny and the crew embark on two exciting projects that showcase their boundless creativity and problem-solving skills.

In “The Sunniest Snow Day,” Phinny and the crew aim to bring joy to Bailey on a warm summer day by creating a snowy wonderland. The episode promises heartwarming moments as the team works to make Bailey’s snowy dreams come true, defying the usual expectations of weather.

Following that, in “When Pups Fly,” Pupstruction takes on a challenge to build a tower that reaches above the clouds. Viewers can expect an engaging journey of innovation and collaboration as the team thinks outside the box to accomplish this ambitious feat.

Tune in to Disney at 8:00 AM for a double dose of creativity and canine construction with “Pupstruction.”

Release Date & Time: 8:00 AM Friday 8 December 2023 on Disney

Pupstruction The Sunniest Snow Day; When Pups Fly Cast – Season 1 Episode 18

Main Cast
Yonas Kibreab as Phinny
Carson Minniear as Tank
Scarlett Kate Ferguson as Roxy
Mica Zeltzer as Luna
Justina Machado as Maya
Bobby Moynihan as Bobby Boots
Kari Wahlgren as Scratch
Eric Bauza as Harry, Sniff, Lloyd
Alessandra Perez as Bailey

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