QI Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on BBC

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QI Tonight, April 2024 & This Week’s Episode on BBC

QI Season 21 Episode 12 University Airs April 12 2024 on BBC Two

This Friday on BBC Two, prepare for a hilarious and enlightening trip to “University” with Sandi Toksvig and the panelists on “QI.” In this episode of the beloved quiz show, Sandi Toksvig is joined by the witty and talented Guz Khan, Joe Lycett, Morgana Robinson, and Alan Davies as they delve into the fascinating world of academia.

With a blend of humor and curiosity, the panelists tackle questions and explore topics related to university life, from the quirks of student culture to the mysteries of academia. As they navigate through the maze of knowledge, viewers are treated to a mix of insightful facts, witty banter, and unexpected revelations.

From obscure historical anecdotes to mind-boggling scientific discoveries, “QI” promises to entertain and educate audiences of all ages. So, grab your textbooks and get ready for a crash course in comedy and curiosity as Sandi Toksvig and the panelists take you on a whirlwind journey through the halls of “University.”

Tune in to BBC Two at 10:00 PM this Friday, April 12th, for a laughter-filled and thought-provoking episode of “QI.” It’s an evening of entertainment you won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Friday 12 April 2024 on BBC Two

QI University Cast – Season 21 Episode 12

Main Cast
Sandi Toksvig
Alan Davies

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