Ready to Love: Make a Move Season 1 Episode 3: Seeing Double Airs October 27 2023 on OWN

On Friday, October 27, 2023, at 8:00 PM, OWN presents Season 1, Episode 3 of “Ready to Love: Make a Move.” In this episode, the show focuses on four single women who have relocated to New Orleans in pursuit of romance.

These women are no strangers to the dating world, and they are taking a chance on finding love in a new city. “Ready to Love: Make a Move” offers a fresh start for these individuals as they explore the potential for connections and relationships.

The show takes a real and unscripted approach to dating, allowing viewers to follow the journey of these women as they navigate the ups and downs of looking for love. The women bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

Tune in to OWN on October 27th at 8:00 PM to watch “Ready to Love: Make a Move.” This episode, titled “Seeing Double,” offers a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities that come with searching for romance in a new city. It’s a relatable and engaging series that captures the essence of modern dating.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Friday 27 October 2023 on OWN

Ready to Love: Make a Move Seeing Double Cast – Season 1 Episode 3

Main Cast

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