Reno 911! Defunded Season 8 Episode 6: Haunted Hayride Airs September 20 2023 on Comedy Central

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 10:30 PM, Comedy Central presents Season 8, Episode 6 of “Reno 911! Defunded” titled “Haunted Hayride.” In this episode, viewers can expect a mix of comedy and Halloween-themed antics.

The episode revolves around Deputy Wiegel, who has to take a new official photo. The deputies also participate in a Scared Straight Haunted Hayride, which is likely to lead to comical and bizarre situations.

“Reno 911! Defunded” is known for its offbeat humor and quirky characters, and “Haunted Hayride” promises to deliver the kind of zany and absurd moments that fans of the show have come to enjoy.

If you appreciate humor and the hilarity that ensues when law enforcement attempts unconventional tasks, don’t miss “Haunted Hayride” on September 20th at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central. It’s a chance to join in the laughter and fun as the deputies of Reno take on the challenges of getting their official photos and navigate the spooky world of a haunted hayride.

Release Date & Time: 10:30 PM Wednesday 20 September 2023 on Comedy Central

Reno 911! Defunded Haunted Hayride Cast – Season 8 Episode 6

Main Cast

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