Reu & Harper’s Wonder World Season 1 Episode 18 Hong Kong Airs November 12 2023 on Channel 5

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 10:20 AM, Channel 5 will air Season 1, Episode 18 of “Reu & Harper’s Wonder World” titled “Hong Kong.” In this episode, Valerie extends an invitation to Reu and Harper to explore and learn about Hong Kong, a place with which she has a personal connection due to her past residency.

The show aims to provide a presentation, focusing on the experience of the characters as they delve into the culture and attractions of Hong Kong.

“Reu & Harper’s Wonder World” is a children’s program that seeks to educate and inform young audiences about various places and cultures. This particular episode allows viewers to join Reu and Harper as they discover the wonders of Hong Kong under Valerie’s guidance. It’s a chance for young viewers to explore the world through the eyes of the characters.

Release Date & Time: 10:20 AM Sunday 12 November 2023 on Channel 5

Reu & Harper’s Wonder World Hong Kong Cast – Season 1 Episode 18

Main Cast

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