Richard Osman’s House of Games Season 7 Episode 69 Week 14 Airs January 18 2024 on BBC Two

This Thursday at 6:00 PM on BBC Two, viewers are in for an entertaining showdown as Season 7 Episode 69 of “Richard Osman’s House of Games” takes center stage. The episode features a stellar lineup of contestants, including Sir Chris Hoy, Rosie Jones, Ola Labib, and Ian ‘H’ Watkins, as they bring their general knowledge skills to the table.

As the competitive spirits run high, audiences can anticipate a fun-filled half-hour of wit, banter, and brain-teasing challenges. Richard Osman’s unique quiz show format promises a delightful mix of trivia and humor, making it a favorite among quiz enthusiasts.

Tune in at 6:00 PM for an episode that guarantees laughter and light-hearted competition. “Richard Osman’s House of Games” Season 7 Episode 69 is a must-watch for those seeking an engaging and entertaining way to test their general knowledge skills with a diverse and entertaining lineup of celebrities.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Thursday 18 January 2024 on BBC Two

Richard Osman’s House of Games Week 14 Cast – Season 7 Episode 69

Main Cast
Richard Osman

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