Richard Osman’s House of Games Season 7 Episode 93 Champions Week 2 Airs February 21 2024 on BBC Two

Get ready for another thrilling round of trivia with “Richard Osman’s House of Games” on BBC Two at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, February 21st. Season 7 Episode 93 brings us “Champions Week 2,” where former winners Mark Chapman, Will Kirk, Amanda Lamb, and Rachel Parris return to battle it out in a series of quiz rounds handpicked by the iconic host, Richard Osman.

Each day this week, viewers will be treated to intense competition as these seasoned champions put their knowledge to the test. From quick-fire questions to brain-teasing challenges, there’s never a dull moment on “House of Games.”

With their eyes on the prize and their wits sharpened, Mark, Will, Amanda, and Rachel are sure to deliver an entertaining and fiercely competitive showdown. Who will emerge victorious and claim the title of champion once again?

Don’t miss “Champions Week 2” of “Richard Osman’s House of Games” at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, February 21st, only on BBC Two. It’s an episode packed with excitement, laughter, and plenty of surprises!

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Wednesday 21 February 2024 on BBC Two

Richard Osman’s House of Games Champions Week 2 Cast – Season 7 Episode 93

Main Cast
Richard Osman

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