Rip-Off Britain Season 2023: Live Airs October 20 2023 on BBC One

On Friday, October 20, 2023, at 9:15 AM, BBC One presents a new episode of “Rip-Off Britain.” This season, the show delves into pressing issues, focusing on the cost of living crisis. The team investigates how fraudsters are taking advantage of this crisis, luring unsuspecting victims into money-making schemes from the comfort of their own homes, only to swindle them out of their hard-earned cash.

The episode also sheds light on a new law designed to combat fraud on social media. Viewers can learn about this legislation’s potential impact and whether it will be effective.

Furthermore, the show continues to feature the advice clinic, where some of Britain’s top experts offer solutions to everyday problems and concerns raised by the audience.

“Rip-Off Britain” is an informative and important series that aims to protect viewers from scams and fraud while providing valuable advice. It’s a must-watch for those interested in staying informed about financial security and consumer protection. Tune in at 9:15 AM on BBC One to stay in the know.

Release Date & Time: 9:15 AM Friday 20 October 2023 on BBC One

Rip-Off Britain Live Cast – Season 2023:

Main Cast
Julia Somerville
Gloria Hunniford
Angela Rippon
Jennie Bond

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