Rock Paper Scissors Season 1 Paper’s Big Lie Airs February 15 2024 on Nicktoons

Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure on “Rock Paper Scissors” with the premiere of Season 1, Episode 1 titled “Paper’s Big Lie” airing on Nicktoons! In this exciting episode, viewers will be introduced to the colorful world of Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

When Paper tells a little white lie to impress his neighbor, Pencil, he never expects it to spiral into a wild chain of events. Soon, Paper finds himself caught up in a battle to defend the world from an unexpected alien invasion.

As tensions rise and friendships are tested, Paper must summon all his courage and cunning to save the day and make things right with his friends.

Join Paper, Pencil, and the rest of the gang as they embark on an epic journey filled with laughter, action, and plenty of surprises. Don’t miss the premiere of “Paper’s Big Lie” airing at 12:30 AM on Thursday, February 15th, only on Nicktoons. It’s a premiere you won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 12:30 AM Thursday 15 February 2024 on Nicktoons

Rock Paper Scissors Paper’s Big Lie Cast – Season 1

Main Cast

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