Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 35 Sesame Street Submarine Airs March 25 2024 on PBS

Get ready for another exciting adventure on “Sesame Street” airing this Monday at 10:00 AM on PBS! In Season 53 Episode 35 titled “Sesame Street Submarine,” join Elmo, Rosita, and Rudy as they embark on a fun-filled journey to build their very own submarine.

In this delightful episode, viewers can expect plenty of creativity, laughter, and learning as the friends work together to construct their submarine. From gathering materials to assembling the parts, Elmo, Rosita, and Rudy demonstrate the power of teamwork and imagination.

As they navigate through the process of building their submarine, the trio encounters various challenges and discoveries, teaching valuable lessons about problem-solving and perseverance along the way.

Join the beloved characters of “Sesame Street” as they dive into this exciting underwater adventure. Don’t miss “Sesame Street Submarine” this Monday, March 25, 2024, at 10:00 AM on PBS. It’s an episode filled with fun and friendship that the whole family will enjoy!

Release Date & Time: 10:00 AM Monday 25 March 2024 on PBS

Sesame Street Sesame Street Submarine Cast – Season 53 Episode 35

Main Cast
Alan Muraoka as Alan
Chris Knowings as Chris
Suki Lopez as Nina
Bill Irwin as Mr. Noodle
Violet Tinnirello as Charlie
Chris Costa as Dave
Alex Weisman as Frank
Olivia Perez as Mia

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