Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 7: Happy Hair Day Airs October 16 2023 on PBS

On Monday, October 16, 2023, at 12:00 PM, PBS brings back the beloved children’s show, “Sesame Street,” with its Season 53, Episode 7, titled “Happy Hair Day.”

In this heartwarming episode, the furry red monster Elmo, along with his friends, takes center stage to celebrate something that makes each of them special – their hair. Through a catchy and joyful song, they highlight the uniqueness of their hair, showcasing the diversity of hairstyles and textures among the characters.

During the episode, two friends named Tamir and Charlie make a delightful discovery. They both realize that one thing they share in common, which makes them special, is their curly hair. This heartwarming revelation reinforces the message of self-acceptance and celebrating our differences.

“Sesame Street” continues to be a source of valuable life lessons and positive messages for children, promoting self-esteem and embracing diversity. Don’t miss this special episode that encourages kids to appreciate their own unique qualities and those of their friends.

Release Date & Time: 12:00 PM Monday 16 October 2023 on PBS

Sesame Street Happy Hair Day Cast – Season 53 Episode 7

Main Cast
Alan Muraoka as Alan
Chris Knowings as Chris
Suki Lopez as Nina
Bill Irwin as Mr. Noodle
Violet Tinnirello as Charlie
Chris Costa as Dave
Alex Weisman as Frank
Olivia Perez as Mia

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