Snapped Season 33 Episode 12 Sharon Hurt Airs January 21 2024 on Oxygen

Prepare for a gripping tale of betrayal and dark motives in the upcoming episode of “Snapped,” Season 33 Episode 12, titled “Sharon Hurt,” airing at 6:00 PM on Sunday, January 21, 2024, on Oxygen. The episode unfolds the tragic story of a devoted father and husband, married to an aspiring gospel singer, whose life takes a sinister turn when he is found shot to death in the passenger seat of his car.

As investigators delve into the case, a disturbing revelation surfaces – a previous attempt on the victim’s life. Unraveling a web of deception and greed, the episode exposes a group of killers with sinister motives. Viewers can expect a suspenseful narrative, intricate investigations, and a shocking exploration of the dark underbelly that led to this tragic crime.

Tune in for a chilling evening of true crime storytelling as “Snapped” continues to unravel the mysteries behind shocking and unexpected criminal acts on Oxygen.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Sunday 21 January 2024 on Oxygen

Snapped Sharon Hurt Cast – Season 33 Episode 12

Main Cast
Jody Flader (Narrator)

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