So Help Me Todd August 30 2023: “Big Bang Theories” (S1E8 CBS)

On Wednesday August 30 2023 at 10:00 PM, CBS broadcasts the “Big Bang Theories” episode of “So Help Me Todd”.

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Big Bang Theories Season 1 Episode 8 Information

When Lyle’s niece is accused of committing a crime on her college campus, Lyle enlists Margaret and Todd to vindicate her.

Airdate: 10:00 PM Wednesday 30 August 2023 on CBS

Cast of So Help Me Todd Big Bang Theories

Main Cast
Marcia Gay Harden (Margaret)
Skylar Astin (Todd)
Madeline Wise (Allison)
Tristen J. Winger (Lyle)
Inga Schlingmann (Susan)
Rosa Arredondo (Francey)
Rob Labelle (D.A Lars Boatman)
Marlee Walchuk (Judge Edith Mendelsohn)
Regan Ross (Bailiff)
Jasmin Dring (Agnes)
Djouliet Amara (Angie Brooks)
Russell Dennis Lewis (Carrington Reed)
Matthew Dennis Lewis (Colby Reed)
Diego Stredel (Rafe Castillo)
Alea O'Shea (Saffron Green)
Melanie Rose Wilson (Bethany Danderson)
Tavis Quan (Nicholas Armstrong)

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