So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 7 Faux-Bituary Airs April 25 2024 on CBS

Tune in for a thrilling new episode of “So Help Me Todd” on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 9:01 PM on CBS. In Season 2, Episode 7 titled “Faux-Bituary,” viewers will witness the dynamic duo of attorney Margaret Wright and her son Todd as they tackle another perplexing case.

Margaret, a meticulous lawyer, has hired Todd, her talented but unconventional son, as the in-house investigator for their law firm. Their partnership is anything but ordinary, as Margaret’s strict adherence to the law clashes with Todd’s unorthodox methods. However, together they form an unstoppable team, blending Margaret’s legal expertise with Todd’s scrappy tactics to crack even the toughest cases.

In this episode, viewers can expect suspense, intrigue, and plenty of twists as Margaret and Todd dive headfirst into their latest investigation. With their complementary skills and unwavering determination, they’re sure to uncover the truth, even if it means bending the rules along the way. Don’t miss out on the action-packed drama of “So Help Me Todd” as they navigate the complexities of the legal world with wit and tenacity.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Thursday 25 April 2024 on CBS

So Help Me Todd Faux-Bituary Cast – Season 2 Episode 7

Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret
Skylar Astin as Todd
Tristen J. Winger as Lyle
Madeline Wise as Allison
Rosa Arredondo as Francey
Inga Schlingmann as Susan
Oliver Rice as Rory Macintosh
James Martinez as Leo Hart
Kelly Metzger as Jean
Bernie Yao as Lewis
Naomi Simpson as Jackie Thomas
Caitlin McCarthy as Ellen
Rachelle Hay as Funeral Home Assistant
David Diamond as Judge Hudson Foster
Ryan Beil as Mr. Purple
Richard Newman as Kirkland Quimby
Elyse Maloway as Fake Piper Harlow
Lily Yawson as Receptionist #1
Lucy McNulty as Real Piper Harlow
Christopher Jane as Jogger
Miguel Mora as Ethan Zillow
Francisca Dennis as Sofie Zillow
Main Cast
Marcia Gay Harden (Margaret)
Skylar Astin (Todd)
Madeline Wise (Allison)
Tristen J. Winger (Lyle)
Inga Schlingmann (Susan)
Rosa Arredondo (Francey)

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