Sort Your Life Out 21 September 2023: (Season 3 Episode 3 BBC One)

On Thursday September 21 2023 at 8:00 PM, BBC One broadcasts the episode of “Sort Your Life Out”.

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Season 3 Episode 3 Information

Stacey and her gang, including organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob, and cleaner Iwan, challenge the Lloyds to organise their lives in seven days. This will necessitate a massive decluttering effort. They ask the family to try to get rid of half of their belongings so that they can attractively reorganise their lives and homes. The family begins packing their belongings into boxes with the assistance of Stacey.

Airdate: 8:00 PM Thursday 21 September 2023 on BBC One

Cast of Sort Your Life Out

Main Cast
Stacey Solomon

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