Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures : Charhound Chase; Creature Comforts Airs November 8 2023 on Disney XD

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 1:30 PM, Disney XD will air an episode titled “Charhound Chase; Creature Comforts” as part of the series “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures.” In this episode, young Jedi Kai helps his friend Bell find his charhound, which has run away. They embark on a chase to bring the charhound back safely.

Meanwhile, Lys, another young Jedi, becomes attached to a lost wild creature. The episode explores how Lys forms a connection with this creature and how they work together to find a sense of belonging.

“Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures” is a show set in the exciting Star Wars universe, where young Jedi apprentices face various challenges and adventures as they learn the ways of the Force.

Tune in to Disney XD at the specified time to follow Kai and Bell’s charhound chase and Lys’s heartwarming bond with the lost creature in “Charhound Chase; Creature Comforts.” It’s an opportunity for Star Wars fans, especially young ones, to enjoy a new and exciting tale from this iconic galaxy.

Release Date & Time: 1:30 PM Wednesday 8 November 2023 on Disney XD

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Charhound Chase; Creature Comforts Cast –

Main Cast
Jamaal Avery Jr. as Kai Brightstar
Emma Berman as Nash Durango
Juliet Donenfeld as Lys Solay
Dee Bradley Baker as Nubs
Jonathan Lipow as RJ-83
Piotr Michael as Yoda

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