SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 6: Set Your Flag on Fire Airs November 8 2023 on Syfy

Get ready for another thrilling episode of “SurrealEstate” on Syfy, airing on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 11:00 PM. This show delves into the fascinating world of real estate with a supernatural twist.

In the upcoming episode titled “Set Your Flag on Fire,” the real estate agency finds itself caught up in a heated neighborhood dispute. A conflict between neighbors takes center stage, and the agency is called in to resolve the feud. With their expertise in dealing with haunted properties, you can be sure that things are about to get eerie and exciting.

But that’s not all. The episode also brings some family drama into the mix. Phil’s sister arrives on the scene, and her mission is to settle the family will. With family matters and paranormal investigations on the agenda, this episode promises a mix of suspense, intrigue, and a touch of the supernatural.

If you’re a fan of mysteries, the paranormal, and a dash of family dynamics, “SurrealEstate” on Syfy is the show for you. Be sure to tune in at 11:00 PM on November 8, 2023, for “Set Your Flag on Fire” and see how the agency tackles these challenges.

Release Date & Time: 11:00 PM Wednesday 8 November 2023 on Syfy

SurrealEstate Set Your Flag on Fire Cast – Season 2 Episode 6

Main Cast

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