Swamp People Season 15 Episode 8 Curse of Graveyard Island Airs February 22 2024 on History

History Channel’s hit series “Swamp People” is back with another thrilling episode, Season 15 Episode 8 titled “Curse of Graveyard Island,” airing at 8:00 PM on Thursday, February 22nd. In this heart-pounding installment, the gator season reaches its halfway point, and tensions are running high as the hunters navigate treacherous waters in search of their prey.

Veteran hunter Troy and his trusty partner Pickle venture into the murky swamps near a haunted honey hole with a dark history. As they brave the eerie atmosphere, they must confront the ghosts of the past while hunting for elusive gators.

Meanwhile, fellow hunter Bruce takes on a daunting challenge as he searches for a monstrous creature threatening a local swimming hole. With the safety of the community at stake, Bruce must track down the beast before it strikes again.

Join the adventure and excitement on “Swamp People: Curse of Graveyard Island” on History Channel at 8:00 PM on Thursday, February 22nd. It’s an episode that promises thrills, chills, and plenty of gator-hunting action that fans won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Thursday 22 February 2024 on History

Swamp People Curse of Graveyard Island Cast – Season 15 Episode 8

Main Cast
Troy Landry
Junior Edwards
Chase Landry
Jacob Landry
R.J. Molinere
Willie Edwards
Jay Paul Molinere
Bruce Mitchell

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