Taking the Stand Season 3 Episode 1 William Zelenski Airs January 11 2024 on A&E

In the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere of “Taking the Stand,” the spotlight turns to William “Wild Bill” Zelenski, an exotic-animal dealer facing serious allegations. Airing at 9:01 PM on Thursday on A&E, this gripping episode delves into the shocking accusation that Zelenski murdered his girlfriend’s 18-year-old son, Ryelee Manente-Powell. The case takes a sinister turn as it is revealed that the motive behind the alleged crime revolves around the theft of $27,000 worth of venomous and exotic reptiles.

Viewers can expect a compelling narrative that unravels the intricate details of the case, exploring the complex web of relationships and the high-stakes world of exotic-animal dealing. “Taking the Stand” promises an hour of intense courtroom drama, shedding light on the events leading up to the tragic incident. As the legal proceedings unfold, audiences will be on the edge of their seats, witnessing the twists and turns of a case that transcends the ordinary.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Thursday 11 January 2024 on A&E

Taking the Stand William Zelenski Cast – Season 3 Episode 1

Main Cast
Dan Abrams

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