Teenage Euthanasia 17 August 2023: “Sexually Educated” (Season 2: E4)

On Thursday August 17 2023 at 1:50 AM, E4 broadcasts the “Sexually Educated” episode of “Teenage Euthanasia”.

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Sexually Educated Season 2: Information

When the hologram teachers at George W. Bush Senior High School go on strike, Pete, Trophy, and Baba must pick up the slack. Trophy, to Annie’s dismay, is now her Sex Ed teacher.

Airdate: 1:50 AM Thursday 17 August 2023 on E4

Cast of Teenage Euthanasia Sexually Educated

Main Cast
Maria Bamford as Trophy Fantasy
Jo Firestone as Euthanasia "Annie" Fantasy
Tim Robinson as Uncle Pete
Bebe Neuwirth as Baba

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