The 1% Club Season 3 Episode 11 Airs May 18 2024 on ITV

Get ready for a mind-bending evening of logic and brainpower as “The 1% Club” returns with Season 3 Episode 11, airing this Saturday, May 18th, at 8:50 PM on ITV. Hosted by the witty and charismatic Lee Mack, this unique game show challenges contestants with questions that test their logic, critical thinking, and common sense.

Unlike traditional quiz shows, “The 1% Club” doesn’t focus on general knowledge. Instead, contestants must rely on their ability to think outside the box and tackle puzzles that require careful reasoning. With 100 contestants starting each edition, the competition is fierce as they vie for a chance to face the final question.

The final question is the ultimate challenge, designed to stump all but the most astute minds. Only 1 percent of the population is expected to answer it correctly, making it a true test of intellect and wit.

With Lee Mack at the helm, viewers can expect plenty of humor and excitement as contestants battle it out for the title of “The 1% Club” champion. So, don’t miss out on the thrill of watching minds at work – tune in to ITV this Saturday at 8:50 PM for an exhilarating episode of “The 1% Club.”

Release Date & Time: 8:50 PM Saturday 18 May 2024 on ITV

The 1% Club Cast – Season 3 Episode 11

Main Cast
Lee Mack

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